Thursday, 30 October 2008

greenwashing - no wonder we're all in a spin...

claire potter design markets itself as 'a small design studio committed to producing innovative, exciting and sustainable interior and exterior design' Now, there is nothing in this statement which is not true. I go to massive and sometimes painstaking lengths to ensure this statement remains true. always.
But many companies have realised how the 'eco' and 'green' label can get them into the good books of potential customers. So they pretty up and promote the sustainable bits of the company to score precious brownie points with us all, hoping we will part with our pennies with a clean conscience.

this process is 'greenwashing' - basically like political spin for companies who want to jump on the eco bandwagon.
don't get me wrong - I would want everyone to be on the bandwagon - as long as their intentions are true and they are not out to make a quick buck on the backs of those who really care. we should all be playing the same tune.
this 'greenwashing' of course makes it very difficult for the general joe who does care where those precious pennies go. marketing is such a strong weapon for companies, and truly is the reason why a lot of us buy certain brands over others.

So how can we make sure we don't support the greenwashers?

It is very hard, but buying organic (which is certified), and local where you can helps to cut out a lot of greenwashing, and support small businesses, who usually care a lot more then the large guys. buy recycled items (check the back of items though and see exactly how much recycled bits are in there), and if you are going for a large purchase, try and check out the true eco credentials online.
an interesting site I have found is which has much more advice about the issue. go and take a look - lets crack down on the greenwashers...

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