Monday, 20 October 2008

happy birthday to me...

birthdays are always great, but this year I've had a fab one.
the day was blue, crisp, and smelt of winter. my presents included book vouchers (always welcome) some new Ilse Jacobsen lace up wellies in poppy red, and a new solar powered Roberts DAB radio.

breakfast was organic museli, tea was homemade chocolate truffle cake, and dinner was lamb tagine (and more cake...)

but the icing on the cake? finding out that my latest garden has got thorough the initial selection process for the Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship to be held at Malvern next May...
good birthday? bloody great thanks...


  1. Bloody Hell! Congrats on scholarship shortlisting!! (you must be mad...)

    I've coveted a Roberts DAB for too long. Most jealous.

    Happy Birthday Old bean (I'm always belated...) Still coming to German Market next month?

  2. Thank you all!!!
    Deb - the solar DAB is genius - costs a bit, but then free to run, and can be moved anywhere. I'm extremely attached to it, and move it around the house with me all day (just because I can!)
    Scholarship - well I am a bit mental, and I've only got past stage one so far...
    German Market - sounds good - I'll give you a buzz...
    laters xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday.

    And many, many congratulations!!!!