Friday, 10 October 2008

do something. please

welcome to rant #1. the do something please rant.

Now, we are all told to 'be greener' 'save the planet' 'be responsible' and even though I do preach these things myself (and practice them as far as possible) it can be tricky.

I have caught myself with a takeaway coffee cup and really battled with myself whether to throw it in the street bin after I have finished it. Is this a bit mental? I suppose what is more mental is that most of the time I transport the frothy, leaking mass back home, to rinse it out and put the cardboard cup in my recycling. and yes, it has leaked in my bag, which I then have to clean out, and wipe brown froth off everything.

I'm an environmental mentalist.

I even pick up rubbish outside of my house and put it in my recycling bin.

But, being responsible comes in many guises, and we should not beat ourselves up about not having a solar panel on our roof or wind farm in our back garden. Little things add up.

And, to my delight I have found a fantastic website by the people who brought you 'change the world 9-5' a lovely little book should you ever find it. is a fantastic list of stuff we can all do to get things happening. Sign up, create your own list, and tick the wee boxes everytime you do something. very satisfying - just like that sheet with stars on you had at school for when you did a good thing...

Yes, there are the usual green actions you can track, like turning down your thermostat (couldn't do this one, as our house has no heating anyway - we just put on more jumpers...), recycle everything and support small and local businesses, but what I LOVE is that there are other good things that you can do easily but we JUST DON'T DO MUCH ANYMORE.

#101 - make someone smile, #97 - say thanks, #77 - show empathy, #73 - leave work at least one a week on time, #60 - remember peoples names. You get the picture. Easy stuff that we were brought up to do and yet some of us have forgotten.

But, the one I love is #82 - 'aspire not to have more, but to be more'.

Food for thought. So - visit the lovely people at, and see what you can do to get things moving.

Oh, and #98 - spread the word.

laters all

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  1. I'd add:

    'Say hello to people you pass on the street'

    Luckily Chippenham is relatively small so it's achievable. Some people think I'm mental when I do it, but happily the majority change from looking miserable, smile and say hello back.