Wednesday, 1 October 2008

from small seeds...

well. welcome to my new little blog...hopefully this will be a space where you can follow what the practice is up to, going to do or just done. It will also be an area for eco discussion - new stuff we've found, good stuff, bad stuff and everything in between. I'm known for my rants, and I'm sure there will be a few on here... comments welcome.

more stuff to follow when I understand what the hell I am doing...

laters all - cj


  1. Hello!! Welcome to the world of blog - it's fab.

    Can't wait to read about what you're up to, and especially some ranting. You are, after all, quite the most marvellous ranter :)

    Hope all is well!
    D xx

  2. Hi Claire - welcome!

    I was one of the myriad people who spoke to you at both GW Live and Malvern (Sunday lunchtime) about your fantastic garden. I'd come to see Deb, who I see has wasted no time in visiting you here. I also understand it was you that held her back whilst her beloved gates were moved into that far better position!

    Tee hee - now I can show you what I wrote about you on my blog:

    Sorry I missed the top of your roof in the photo :(

  3. hurrah - i'm no longer on my own! Sorry the blog is a little sparse - still learning (man give me a pen and paper anyday!)

    but, stuff is a coming.. including rant #1.

    Thanks for all the comments guys and making me feel welcome! hello to you all...