Monday, 3 November 2008

yuletide is a comin'...

the first weekend in november is very special in our house, as this is traditionally the time when we pick our christmas tree.

and before you ask, no - we are not one of those who put up decorations in september and live a year round crimbles. but, we do always have a real tree, and most importantly, a local and sustainably grown British tree.

so, the first weekend in november sees us tootling off to Wilderness Wood (a traditional working wood and education centre) in Hadlow Down, East Sussex to pick and reserve ourselves a tree for the yuletime celebrations.

this weekend was perfect - a bit chilly and misty, yet with the watery sun bursting through to warm the face. we arrived on the second day of reservations, and bought our tags at the barn (already up to number 100), before heading down to the plantation field which holds Douglas Fir, Nordman and Spruce.

we always have a Douglas Fir - a beautiful christmas tree for in the house if you can find one - they have fragrant, almost fluffy foliage, don't drop too much (as long as you keep well watered and do not put into a sub-tropical centrally heated room) and also transplant very well once the decs are down.

like the children in the field, we ran about shouting 'what about this one?' 'oooh - this one' 'I've found a good one...' you get the picture.

after a little while we chose our tree - and here he is...

he will sit here until december, when we will go and dig him up and bring him home.

back to the barn for a mug of sussex tea and a slice of homemade carrot cake, then back home, filled with the promise of yule...

visit for further info on the trees available this year, or visit where you can find other British christmas tree growers near you... reduce those miles and buy local...lets all have a greener crimbles...

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