Thursday, 3 September 2009

toot toot...

I have never been comfortable with blowing my own trumpet. I can talk for England, but I actually despise talking about myself and what I do, have done or achieved. And the bigger the thing is, the worse it can be.

When I had to do my 'speech' on stage in front of the public and the panel at the Malvern Spring Show I tried desperately not to talk directly about myself, but about something I am passionate about.

Poor James Alexander-Sinclair practically had to surgically remove the microphone from my steely grip as I got on my soapbox and talked about sustainability and responsibility.

But, when it comes to running your own business, and the monster that is PR, you have to blow your trumpet, trombone and tuba until you are red in the face.

If you do something, you have to tell all and their dogs as soon as you can. Purely to inform. Never to brag. But it is blinkin hard.

But all of this aside, we have some very nice news.

We have won a Green Apple award for Environmental Best Practice from the Green Organisation. Chuffed? Doesn't even come close. Blinkin fabulous.

AND it was for the very controversial 'Electric Urban Orchard' project that was installed for the RHS London Plant and Design Show in February this year.

So there you go - a little toot on the PR trumpet. And now I have an excuse to get a posh frock and some tasty shoes as I have to collect the award from the House of Commons in November...