Friday, 30 January 2009

which hat today madam?

Building a show garden is a multi hat experience, especially if you are not blessed with an enormous budget (which is now completely unrealistic in the new straitened times).

You have your designer hat on in the first instance, followed by a negotiators hat, a planners hat, a health and safety hat, a logistics hat etc etc. Sometimes you end up with a please-leave-me-alone-now-hat, but that is the nature of the show garden beast.

Another hat you have to adopt (unless you have the budget to employ others of course) is the graphic designer and press officer hat. This is one that I quite look forward to balancing on my bonce, and today saw a mini milestone in the tick off list for the show.

My promotional leaflets arrived.

But as a 'green' office, excessive printing and promotions material can be a contentious issue. How many do I need so I don't end up with hundreds in my compost bin, how and where are they printed, are they recycled in the first place???

Fortunately I have a wonderful (very local) printer who do a mega fast turnaround of 100% recycled board flyers in all sorts of sizes and amounts. They even print in vegetable based inks. Fantastic.

So, I manage to have a little less ruining the planet guilt when I hand out my promotional bits at the show, and I can happily don my done-my-bit hat.


  1. That apple looks good enough to eat :)

    I've found hats aren't enough and completely different heads are needed instead, just like Worzel Gummidge ;)

  2. Hurrah for the milestone. They look great! :)

  3. Hi Claire - have just booked my train ticket for Wednesday :)

    Will be meeting up with a mate from the KLC Designing with Plants course - hope you have a couple of your snazzy leaflets left for us to nab by then...

  4. Hiya VP - of course I will have a couple of leaflets left - I will save them especially (along with a couple of tasty british apples that are completing the display) see you soon!