Wednesday, 7 January 2009

goodbye, or a good buy...

New year, new beginnings. New ends.

It was with a strange feeling that I visited our local Woolworth's a few days before it closed. Like vultures picking over a roadkill carcass, we all milled around the already bare bones of the store, searching for the ultimate 'bargain'.

Some were elated at the prizes they had found - cheap Cd's, whole boxes of pick-and-mix sweets, shower curtains with goldfish on.

I however, was very sad. Yes, I got some bargains (a book, a set of mechanical pencils and a good luck card), but I could not help but think of all the times I had visited Woolies in the past.

The time I bought a valentines card for my first boyfriend, the time I bought enough garlic to ward off Dracula when it was reduced to 10p a pack. The time I bought my mother a standard red rose for mothers day...

These times are now gone. A new time is beginning for all, not just the skeletons of abandoned Woolworth's stores. Let's all try and make it a happy, productive and sustainable time.

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  1. My wish post Woollies is that local independents fill the void. However, I suspect I'm being far too optimistic :(

    I've posted about the demise over at mine too - it's amazing how much of our childhood/youth is entwined with it - the first record bought, the first (Saturday) job etc etc