Wednesday, 26 November 2008

only in brighton...

I was born and bred in Brighton, and am jolly proud to say so. Believe me - proper Brightonians are a little thin on the ground here, so we are becoming a rare breed...

Anyway - Brighton has long been famed for seedy nights, dirty weekends and being the gay capital of the UK, (all of which is great by the way) but Brighton is so much more than this. We have a crackin' Festival every May, we are close to the sea and the Downs, we have the Royal Pavilion, the Dome, the new Jubilee Library, the old Lanes and the North Laines (yes they are spelt differently - a laine is an old measurement or something for a field), fantastic Regency architecture, a vibrant music and arts scene, and so many wonderful independant shops that you would never be able to shake a stick at them all in a lifetime.

Plus, it is a city of randomness. I love random things - out of place, odd, surprising. Random things make me laugh, and fortunately good old Brighton delivers every time I venture in from the 'burbs.

So to celebrate this mesmerising randomness, I will be posting a few piccies under the banner of 'only in Brighton...'. And tapping into my obsession with skeletons, here is the first:

a posed skeleton with googly eyes in an old hearse. bloody genius.

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  1. Love it Claire!

    I was undertaken by a hearse on the way to GW Live this year. So I can now claim to have been undertaken by some Undertakers :)