Thursday, 6 November 2008

mystery object revealed...

it suddenly occurred to me that I did not reveal the use for the random object I posted a little while ago.

well - just to remind you all, here is the object again.

and what is it I hear you cry? why did you use it as a girl guide???

I admit, they are slightly redundant nowadays, but the mystery object is... a tent post hook strap.

when camping (in an old tent I hasten to add, with proper ridge and central beam posts) you would strap this little gadget around a vertical post in the tent, the hooks would splay and hey presto, somewhere to hang bits and bobs away from the damp ground. clever eh?

I don't live in a tent, so what am I using it for?

being lucky enough to live in a very old house, we have a few vertical beams, including an old oak post section with lath and plaster panel in the bathroom, so we have strapped this around the post (therefore not penetrating the timber with screws) and we hang our towels from it.

remember - nothing is redundant, you just need to think hard on how to reinvent it...


  1. I thought it was big enough to be a belt: and you could then rest heavy objects on the hooks to spread the weight. Which, incidentally, works like a dream: resting one side of a paving slab on a large belt buckle really helps.
    (By the way I lunched with the gorgeous Nina yesterday: she has nothing but good things to say about you. I very much look forward to meeting you in the spring).

  2. Thank you very much! Nina is wonderful in all ways and always so fantastically glamorous - I was always filthy and clomping round in my rigger boots at the Autumn show - we looked like a right pair when we were together!
    Looking forward to meeing you too...

  3. was thinking further about your comment JAS, I could really do with a belt like this, except I would probably end up like a human Buckaroo...

  4. Claire - so glad you finally told us what it is!

    My brain can stop melting now...

  5. How grand! When I was a Guide we had to make do with sticks and string concocted into a rickety stand to keep our stuff off the floor!

    Nina really is sickeningly glam, isn't she...?

  6. watcha Deb - hope you are well?!?

    I was pretty nifty with the string - and I am still obsessed with it now. I truly am lost without a ball of useful...

    Yep - Nina is the queen of glam, I'm very jealous...

  7. Hi Claire, great blog, hows the Malvern Spring entry coming along?

  8. Hi Sean - thanks for your comment and welcome along! The Malvern Spring entry is bubbling away nicely thank you, currently seeking sponsors for the garden and making supplier enquiries... will be posting some sketch images of the garden on the blog soon, so watch this space!