Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Oh I do like to pootle up to Malvern...

I do love winter - I can be quite a solitary character and the hibernation suits me quite well, but I cannot help but get a little excited when the first snowdrops pop their head above ground and the sun makes a welcome (if not slightly watery) return.

But what really makes me excited, and if I am brutally honest, a little tense, is the realisation that the wonderful Malvern Spring Gardening Show is but a figurative stones throw away.

I have blogged many times about how much I adore Malvern and what we get up to there, such as here and here, and 2010 is to be no exception. It is truly a wonderful show, with a backbone of wonderful people and we are delighted to be involved once more.

So, what are we up to this time?

Well, the official reveal can be found here courtesy of the Three Counties website, but we are part of a small design team who have the fantastic responsibility for producing a large, semi-permanent show garden feature to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Malvern Spring Gardening Show.

So, claire potter design, Alex Bell Garden Design and James Steed of Outdoor Living Space have joined forces to create a conceptual yet (hopefully) beautifully lyrical space based on the history, present and future of Malvern and the inspirational ripples that have extended from the show into the wider world.

The build has already begun (as reported here by the brilliant Meet at Malvern blog), and you will be able to follow the progress of the space here on the ecospot, here on the Three Counties website and on the Meet at Malvern blog, where I will be doing a series of diaries and guest blogs.

Just a taster post really - so watch this space...


  1. Fantastic - I can't wait to see all this. This sounds really special and you must be so proud to be involved (and deservedly so). I'll see how I can weave this into my own blog as soon as get going again. A.

  2. looking forward to seeing you and your garden there

  3. Oops, I hope I didn't steal some of your thunder Claire by giving away what your garden looked like last week.

    Fab post and I'm looking forward to your diary (and guest post!). I'll update last week's post on Meet @ Malvern with a link to here :)

  4. HI ya, I too am really looking forward to the show and to seeing you guys again. This time I am showing under the Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship scheme .My garden is called " Bravura". I think with the show having its 25th anniversary( your theme) it will be be extra special ..bloomin marvellous.
    I hope the weather is kind to us as I will be on site permanently as of 13.4.10, complete with thermals.
    I feel that Malvern is special, it has something mystical and magical about it. ( May have something to do that its backdrop is amazing with the hills and vast skies) . Are we hippies ?? ; )
    Looking forward to the owl hoots ..

    C u soon

  5. WSC - I'll let you know of the different advances as the show winds on...

    MarkD - yep - will be good to meet up again!

    VP - no worries - no thunder stolen! Good that the mesage is being spread I say! Have started to work on the first guest post for you...

    polly36 - can't wait to catch up, and your garden sounds great! yep, hopefully it will be toasty, but I'm not going to crack open the suncream just yet...(and yes - we are hippies)