Monday, 29 March 2010

Brighton is Green with Architecture...

The last week has been quite hectic here in the claire potter design studio.

First off, last Saturday, we were delighted to be exhibiting at the Brighton Green Architecture Day, organised and run at the Sallis Benney Theatre by the wonderful people at the Brighton Permaculture Trust.

We were one of a number of exhibitors who merrily talked to the lovely people who attended about eco design, solar panels, composting and timber building.

Our stand was, well, as could be expected, quite quirky.

We split the services we provide into three strips (exteriors, interiors and product design) and zoned the table with a little recycled cardboard box sculpture.

For the exteriors, we had a little picket fence holding back an explosion of cress,

for the interiors, we had a little house with an LED inside.

and for the products, a little flat and pop up cut out of lights, desks, chairs and general stuff was created.

And because we were not able to put anything on the wall, we utilised an old hospital privacy screen that had been salvaged from somewhere and been kicking around the studio pleading for a new life by attaching scraps of timber, painting them up into blackboards, attaching some bulldog clips and scribbling all over them with our markers. (watch out for our 'wardy board' at other events ecospot spotters...)

There were fantastic talks on the day (including by our chum Tim at BioTecture and Ben Law of Grand Designs fame) and my exhaustion was remedied by the lovely contacts I made and by drinking fairtrade coffee.

If you are local and did not attend, put it in the diary for next year.

Saturday done, Sunday beckons, and by a spritely 10.00 I was on the Brighton Seafront Arches stretching my legs to run my 6 miles for Sport Relief.

11.00 I started, and I finished at 12.20. Pretty slow, but there you go - I did it, and it is the furthest I have EVER run. I could have done it faster, but I have made the mistake of training at night (at around 0 - 6 degrees) and our Brighton run was in lovely spring sunshine (at around 16 degrees). This blistering heat wiped me out until my body woke up and adjusted after three or so miles.
THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to everyone who was able to sponsor me wandering around the course - it means stacks to both me and the reams of people your money will help support, both here and in the UK.

A video will follow of my meanderings, so watch this space...


  1. I love your display, Claire, and congratulations on your run. Makes me feel exhausted and useless!

  2. Love the boxes - very inventive. Think I want to live in that house!