Wednesday, 16 December 2009

the really big apple...

I found this little story via Treehugger and I just had to share it with you all.

Can you imagine the amount of food thrown away every day by New york residents? Can you imagine 270,000 lbs of grub?

Many of us can't, and so to illustrate the point City Harvest of New York filled an empty subway train with the equivalent amount of green apples and flooded the otherwise empty platform.

The images are quite amazing - click here for the video.

It would have been magic with stacks of people on the platform though. I suppose that was a little too far to stretch the Health and Safety regulations, and if London's Victoria Line is anything to go by, people would have just climbed in on top of the apples anyway and waited for the train to move on.

Visually amazing and shows exactly what could be utilised for many in need. City Harvest aim to rescue and redistribute 25 million pounds of usable grub in 2009. Amazing.

(and as Treehugger pointed out, no apples were harmed in the making of the event - here is how it was done)

Up the Freegan generation!


  1. Please, what is the FREEGAN generation? Have I missed something here?

  2. Hi WSC - 'Freeganism' is a way of living that utilises the waste of others - foraging items for free. There are people who seem to have lived like this for a while - check out for more bits and bobs.
    I used to call it 'scavving', 'squirelling' or 'skip jumping' - I suppose freeganism is the new veganism. or something.

  3. Did you see the feed the 5,000 in Trafalgar Square using 'waste' food? Most thought provoking.

    There's also the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign...

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope to bump into you in 2010 :)