Monday, 4 January 2010

resolution realisation...

Well, the crimbo limbo is over. New Year has been and gone.

(organic) chicken was eaten, along with unhealthy amounts of venison, duck, pheasant, roast parsnips and home made mince pies. Our elderflower tipple was duly uncorked and consumed.

But now the resolution realisation has kicked in. And with the beginning of a new decade, it sort if feels even more important to look at how I live my life, what I do, why, when and how much - both for my benefit, of those around me and the really big picture which makes my head spin just a bit too fast.

Of course, it does not help that every magazine, supplement, paper and glossy is filled with the 'get yourself thin, young and beautiful for 2010' articles, campaigns and 'buy lists' to aid you along the way. Health, is of course something on many minds after the recent bingeathon, but surely there are other things to add to the resolutions list?

So, when I was pondering the content of this, my 100th post on the ecospot, I thought about what I am going to aim for for 2010 - what are my aims and aspirations?

Firstly I have realised that any huge and massive changes will probably not last much past January 15th. This is something that most people realise but never take on board. Consequently, you feel even worse when the resolution sails past you like a feather on the breeze. Start small and work upwards.

So I begin with my health. I will aim to continue with building up my running which is 1. free, 2. pretty green and 3. will reconnect me with what is going on in the outside world when I am mainly stuck inside. It will also, eventually, 4. take me to places I haven't seen for a while or at all and 5. hopefully make me fitter.

Next, I pledge to streamline what I do. It was not until I was speaking to someone who asked what I did in my free time that I realised that I have none. I seem to run around, head down bum up at such a pace that I am constantly on the go. I forced myself to sit down and read the other day and it was bliss. And I learnt something and felt relaxed for the first time in eons. I also realised that without being centred myself, I cannot effectively do anything for others.

The School of Life is wonderful for looking at these little ideas and how to work them into your everyday ( more on this gem in another post)

As far as pledging for the planet, well, that it a very big ask and one of those head spinny moments. But, as I have said again and again, a little action by each person adds to be a big thing.

So, I am pledging to:

1. ALWAYS have a bag with me when I shop (I have ended up buying approximately 10 reusable bags due to my cotton bag sitting at home) a good option is this little wonder

2. make the most of my local farmers market.

3. throw away as little food as I can (a real wake up call was illustrated in my last post)

4. Smile to people in the street. This will either spread a little happiness about, or I will be sectioned. I am hoping for the former.

So there you go - 2010 here we come. Here's hoping for a better one than 2009 eh?


  1. They seem to be good and achievable resolutions. I dont make resolutions at all as I wont keep them. I like the smiling at people might try that one - wonder who will be sectioned first!!

  2. Happy New Year Claire and best wishes for your resolution goals!

    I gave up making resolutions when I retired 2 years ago and just have 4 simple 'life's resolutions' instead - find and do what pleases me, greener living, make a difference to the world and look after my health. The idea is to do at least one different thing towards each goal (no matter how small) each year and it's working :)

    Smiling in the street was one of the first ones I tried and it has a wonderful effect on people - I guarantee you won't get sectioned!

  3. PS one of the other first things I did was to buy some Onyaweigh bags, so I not only have the cotton bag to hand to take my shopping home in, my produce purchases aren't in plastic either.

  4. Happy New Year, oh hyper fit greeny one. Hope it is all fabulous and I will see you soon.