Wednesday, 17 June 2009

consumerism conundrum...

I received a link to this article this morning, and it made me think about the difficulties being an eco trader.

As countless people tell us, the way to be truly green is to to consume nothing. But if we consume nothing, people and companies who are trying to give us greater choice by introducing 'green' items onto the market end up coming off very badly - they tend to be smaller companies, very affected by market fluctuations.

With no-one buying they cannot survive. It all harps back to the 'use it or lose it' mantra - how can we moan there is no choice on a shelf when we do not support those who are trying to give us that choice?

Of course the upside is that there are wonderful web-based eco companies who can supply all and sundry to your door, but even as I sit here writing this web based blog, I am aware that not everyone is Internet savvy.

So - use it, don't lose it, but don't use too much, because that is also bad.

Hmmm. It really is not that easy being green.

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  1. Support quality. Support it big - by pooling money with your neighbors and friends and buying in huge bulk directly from the producers or distributors. Then split it up and everybody gets a very nice discount, reduces transportation, packaging, waste, and supports producers of quality goods.