Thursday, 12 February 2009

romance? sorry, no time...

Apologies for the incredible lack of bloggage over the past couple of weeks, my head is so full of stuff it feels a size or too smaller than it should be - like in Beetlejuice when his head is shrunken down by a deceased Voodoo priest.

Add to this the incredible dreams I have been having of late, including battling an ice dragon who could breathe out gas and then ignite it (so the flames go around corners), an army of lego men with Cadbury's Creme egg heads and tabbards, and arguing with a milkman, and you might get the impression my thoughts are full and varied.

But, on the plus side, the final construction for the RHS Plant and Design Show is nearing a close, with one more day left to prefab as much as we can before we get to the Hall on Sat evening.

What a way to spend a valentines day - loading up then driving a van into central London.

But there you go - my choice I suppose.

But for all of you spending some quality time with your loved one (which I will be doing, albeit in an abstract way), have a good one, and here are a couple of links for my favourite chocs and some bits about ethical flowers and recycled pants.

Enjoy - xxx


  1. When I did a Chelsea garden I woke up a few days before the build absolutely convinced that all I had were some cold pasta shells and some tightly rolled pieces of bacon.
    I am not convinced that the word 'recycled' used in such close juxtaposition with 'pants' is the best selling point.
    Good luck, see you on Monday.

  2. Ah, the wierd dreams, I remember them!!

    Thought there was a typo in the post, but they really ARE recycled pants - surreal...

    Happy Valentine's. See you Tuesday xx

  3. Well done! I see you've had JAS' seal of approval. Now you can relax :)

    Had a fab day, bought too many plants (a nightmare on the tube during rush hour) and got waylaid by so many people wanting to have a chat. In London! There must be something about a woman travelling with an armful of plants which makes people open up a little. I even met a bloke at Victoria station with an armful of Prunus twigs who's reintroducing trees onto the Hebrides!

    Great to have a chinwag with you - see you at Malvern!