Wednesday, 17 December 2008

London bloody london

I have just spent the last few days in our wonderful capital.

Thursday and Friday last week were spent in Lambeth at the Roots and Shoots Centre, where I was attending the Sustainable Building Course run by The Green Register of Construction Professionals. It was a fantastic two days, learning new stuff, refreshing old stuff and generally enthusing with other people about the green movement in general. Refreshments were absolutely delicious (and fully vegetarian) and the tutors were nothing short of inspirational. In fact, it was only spoilt by the awfully cramped Northern Line tube journey in every day, which is ironic given that it was the most eco friendly way of getting in.

But, I am now a proud member of The Green Register and will soon appear here.

Then, Monday was spent visiting the RHS Lawrence Hall in Vincent Square to meet my Feb Show neighbours and see the logistics of the site. The December show was being set up whilst we were there, with the theme of pantomimes. Not my cup of tea, but I can see the fun aspect for this time of year. I did object however to the huge amount of plastic white snow being used by some exhibitors.

Despite my misgivings on the material, the hall is a beautiful example of a concrete span building, and the tiered windows cast a wonderful wash of light throughout the space. I can't wait to put our little garden in there.

I then (stupidly) battled Oxford Street, looking at the window displays and decorations. Selfridges won again, for imagination and scale, with a Santa at the laundry and on the tube, and massive 'smashing' baubles inside. The 'more the merrier' mantra used for the displays is a little unfortunate given the state of the economy, but there were plenty of people about, so who knows.

London bloody London - great to visit, but it's also nice to go back home...

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