Monday, 28 March 2011

there will be blue cabinets over the white cliffs of Dover...

Yet another busy week in the studio. A week of sourcing old bits of furniture, 100% recycled paint, lumping about reclaimed scaffold boards and putting them all together to form something new.

A true exercise in upcycling.

And why? Well we were commissioned by BSK CiC to produce a new from old statement piece of furniture for their new eco Build 4 demonstration centre in Dover and we were very keen to explore the possibilities of utilising old stuff.

So after a week of jiggling, chopping, adjusting, filling, drilling, painting, varnishing, wire brushing and sanding we went from this:

through this:

to this... our 4m long, upcycled cabinet...

we were really pleased with the result, and are now taking further commissions for similar, reinvented and upcycled furniture!

The cabinet will stay at the centre for the next two years as a showcase for upcycling to compliment the other sustainable building methods on show.

So no bluebirds over the cliffs, but we have made a blue cabinet instead and an eco one at that.

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