Thursday, 22 July 2010

taxidermy illuminations...

One good thing about the web is the myriad of items you will find, from imaginative minds across the world, every single day.

Yesterday, I found these fantastic lights. Even though they bordered on the very macabre, I was completely enthralled by them:

Found via Inhabitat, these lamps and lights are made by bespoke lighting designer Alex Randall from (already deceased) stuffed animals, which appear to be carrying the lights in their hands or beaks.

Harking back to the Victorian obsession with the collection and cataloguing of the natural world, the lamps feature squirrels, ducks and pigeons.

En masse, they look quite spectacular, if not a tiny bit unsettling.

Randall talks about the beauty of the animals we treat with such disdain, and how this beauty should be both recognised and celebrated.

so, we are looking forward to the possibility of seagull streetlamps illuminating the roads of Brighton?

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