Thursday, 10 June 2010

guerillas in our midst...

as the last post mentions, we have recently updated our website - something which was widely overdue but one of those things you just don't get around to doing.

Personal marketing is something that we all do without even realising (wearing particular clothes to display our affections to a certain genre, wearing a particular 'smell' to attract a certain type of person etc etc) .

Business marketing is a slightly different (and usually much more costly) to undertake. And if you are a business trying to be as 'green' as possible, the avenues become even more thinned out. Blanket flyers to a thousand homes and businesses may be a no no, even if they are recycled.

So are there ways of spreading the word about your business or cause in a different way?

Of course there are - guerilla marketing is a movement that we have all experienced in some way or another (from graffiti to empty spaces being transformed into temporary gardens) and there are a few people who are really trying to green up the whole consumerist world of information transfer.

We are in the process of starting our own eco guerilla marketing campaign, and we found a lot of inspiration from these guys.

watch this space for our little installations which should be popping up around Brighton in the next two months or so...

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  1. Claire, you always make me sit up and think, for which I thank you. I'm looking forward to Malvern on Friday to see how the 25th Anniversary garden has grown since last month. Perhaps see you there? A.