Tuesday, 11 May 2010

out of the bubble...

Building a show garden is ridiculously stressful - you work in all weathers, at all hours and end up living on biscuits and various fast food purchases, but I would not give it up for the world.

You meet and get to know better the most wonderful bunch of people you could ever imagine, who understand exactly what you are going through and are there to provide support when you are feeling at your lowest and high five you when you are on top of the world.

I was very lucky to be working on this showgarden with a great client team and fantastic design team (as I have blogged about before) and the actual build went better than I could have hoped.

Here is a little pic of our motley design team crew - (from the right) Alex Bell of Alex Bell Garden Design, James Steed of Outdoor Living Space and myself. (picture courtesy of Three Counties Agricultural Society)
A special shout also goes to all the guys from Outdoor Living Space who worked through snow, wind, rain and hail to get the garden built to our very odd yet exacting standards - thank you all.
I will be doing a few more postings soon about the garden and the general show escapades later this week, but I will start off with a few pics of the very special 25th Anniversary Garden for the Three Counties Agricultural Society, as seen in Malvern last week.

PS - if you want to see it again, come and visit the forthcoming Three Counties Show, where the garden will be open once more for visitors before it is dismantled.....


  1. It will be dismantled then?

    Fab pictures Claire - I'll put a link over at the Malvern Meet blog :)

    Cleve West told me he loved your screens :)

    I was particularly delighted that your 'not substantial enough bench' was happily accommodating a dozen people eating ice creams on Thursday ;)

  2. We'll be there and hope that the sun shines. Lovely to see you again, Claire.

  3. Oh damn it, I forgot to include your garden (love the screens and the seat) in my blog. Might have to have another go!

  4. That's a pity, that we couldn't walk in the garden and admire all details. Even from distance it looked swinging!