Wednesday, 7 October 2009

good grief - how remarkable...

I have covered the wonders of recycling and upcycling in a series of other posts, and I promised that I would complete a raft of articles highlighting fantastic and innovative examples of upcycling at its best.

This promise has taken a little while to come to fruition, but, as I try to be true to my word, here is another posting in the series I like to call upping the upcycling.

I always loved going back to school in September every year (yes I know - how sad), partly because we were given the opportunity to visit the local art and stationery store to purchase a new pencil case and fill it with a bunch of jewel like pens, pencils and other office and school consumables.

As a budding designer and artist from a very young age my pencil case was always crammed with different grades of pencil, thicknesses of pens, rubbers and types of ruler.

Looking back, this was not the greenest way to go back to school.

But now, there are many green options for the yearly pre-school stationery shop (and office for that matter). Pens can now be easily found which are made from a high percentage of recycled plastics, many refilling options are available, and even the iconic Post It note is available in a 100% recycled format.

But there is one company who really would have made my eyes pop in excitement had they been around when I was at school. They really are Remarkable.

Not only do they create a brilliant range of stationery from a variety of recycled objects, they tell you what they were in a past life, thus educating and reminding you of the waste we create and the possibilities for the most unlikely of candidates.

Creative upcycling to allow us to create further. Remarkable.


  1. Thankyou for introducing me to this REMARKABLE company - I get through so much stationery and pens etc so will definitely be buying from them.

    And I, too, used to love the start of the new academic year, and still do. I also remember the excitement after the war of being again able to buy coloured pencils that were shiny and not encased in dull brown wood.

    All the best, A.

  2. I love Remarkable products too, amazing what they recycle...