Thursday, 6 August 2009

the feet of eco...

I have blogged before about the perils of consumerism and whether it is better to consume and support fair trade, organic and responsible suppliers or to stick your hands in your pockets and save the valuable pennies.

But, eventually, we all have to buy things - some useful, some practical, some necessary, and some just because.

And, all of us have our weaknesses when it comes to consuming - bags, seeds, plants, books, shoes...

I have a distinct weakness for seeds, plants and books, but shoes and bags sort of missed me as a collection. I wear the same boots every day (except when it is REALLY hot, when I revert to nothing at all), and I love them to bits. They are comfy, worn in, and are made so they can be resoled for ever more. They are not footwear to me - they are part of me. I feel as odd without my clompy boots and knee high socks on as I probably look with them on.

But even I have my girly moments, and there is one company who I adore for their beautiful, elegant footwear. They are responsibly made from recycled materials and if I had enough money I would buy a pair in every colour.

So imagine how excited I was when I was waffling through Brighton town centre the other and found a new store dedicated to the glistening heels...

I swiftly found my little sister and educated her in the ways of Terra Plana and converted her to the precious as well.

It is also a joint store with the responsible clothing label People Tree (who also made my favourite dress in the world, but more of that in another post), so now there is another location in Brighton where you can find a whole green outfit in one place.

Fantastic. Just need an event to warrant a posh frock and heels now...


  1. If I was young and carefree, I would be heading your way for such a divine shopping experience. But I am not, so will have to make do with my charity shop makeover.

  2. I am so out of touch with what is happening in my own home town that I have to come to your blog to find out! LOL. I think the shoe shop may have a new customer. I live in trail sandals all summer and some old comfy boots in the winter which I wish I had bought several pairs of to save me having to bother trying to find comfy ones again.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Wild Somerset Child - you are NEVER too old for some snazzy heels!

    Ms Sock - you are not out of touch at all - I often see bits you have blogged about good old Brighton that I did not know about! I think we have a good mutual information swap for home town shenannigans!