Wednesday, 13 May 2009

going to the movies...

a short post:

our little arty film about our recent show garden at Malvern is now live.

look at it here.

let me know your thoughts...


  1. Cool!

    At what point shall I tell (my) Mark that he's on YouTube...ha ha!!


  2. Great - you had people doing what you wanted them to do!

  3. Great. It gives an immediate idea of what the garden is about if you haven't read the description. It also made me want more..

    I liked your garden best out of the mentorship gardens.. some of the others had gorgeous colour schemes or borders but for me yours worked as a whole. I also think yours picked up on the dance theme to the most interesting effect because there was so much movement - not just of the garden itself but for anyone trying to get around it. Some of the others were beautiful but somewhat static.

  4. thank you all for your kind words about the garden and at my first attempt at film making - I doubt that Mr Speilburg is quaking in his boots, but I enjoyed the process, so you may see more films on here soon...