Sunday, 12 April 2009

big brother is watching...

Things are hotting up with our new show garden. Despite the rest of the UK being on full time chocolate eating duties, we have had to mix our gorges in with continuing to work over the holiday weekend.

This sucks a bit, but when you love what you do, it sometimes does not feel like work anyway and you think that you are on an eternal skive.

Sunday morning brought about a very late breakfast, made and eaten around doing other stuff. (had also eaten a bit of a choccie egg in bed whilst reading my latest edition of Icon, so hunger was not pursuing me too closely)

One of the bits of stuff we were doing whilst cooking porridge and mushrooms on toast was for the new show garden - quite complicated and experimental, but fun none the less.

We were playing with our new wireless CCTV units.

A garden with CCTV in? Surely this is a little bit off the wall, even for me? Well, because the garden is all about interaction, movement, restriction etc, I wanted to see whether people actually reacted in the way I wanted. Would they 'perform'? If I stood there with a camera, the 'performance' would be stilted. This is where the CCTV comes in - hidden in the garden (within chestnut poles) I can sit up to 50m away and spy on those within and looking at the space.

And I can record them - all wirelessly and without many traces...

These performances will be cut into a very short film we have already made for the show garden, and will hopefully create an interdisciplinary garden.

But they came in incredibly useful today - whilst testing the wireless capabilities and whether they would work connected to a rechargeable 9v battery we were confronted with an image of our cat merrily munching on the remnants of the aforementioned chocolate egg, upstairs and seemingly unnoticed.


But I have to admit, I am feeling a little paranoid that Mark has hidden one somewhere to see if I am actually working, or looking at eBay for 50's kitchenware, and I am sure he is feeling the same.

Big Brother truly is watching now in our house, and will be soon in our show garden...what do those RHS judges actually talk about...? Would it be unethical for me to spy on them?

But the cameras do not have audio, so we are brushing up on our lip reading techniques...

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