Monday, 23 March 2009

a natural high...

Any programme with the title 'Grow Your Own Drugs' is going to get a lot of attention. I don't think it is a coincidence that the title is so provocative and liable to draw interest from both young and old alike. But a title like that is very dangerous - like bark without a bite, will the programme live up to edgy gardening that the title portrays?

To be honest, I have only managed to catch a couple of this recent series, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

Following the same style of the zoomy fast camera format of new cookery programmes (which I can just about cope with, but gives my Nan a migraine), Ethnobotanist James Wong conjures up medicinal and cosmetic treats from the contents of an average back garden, fruit bowl or local supermarket.

From scrubs and lotions to creams and potions, the funky Mr Wong convinces us that triple boiling Lemon Balm in oil to make a lip balm for cold sores is a good idea.

Except it is a good idea.

I do find it quite shocking the amount of gunk is in the everyday stuff we slather over our little bods everyday in the search of smelling the best on the block. So I find it ultra pepperminty refreshing when someone comes along to tell us how we can ditch the forest of plastic bottles in our showers for something more natural.

This is not really new knowledge, just the rejuvenating of old knowledge that would have been passed down through the generations. Now we have a Boots in every town we do not need to know that plantain leaves are great to soothe a sting, we are already armed with our travel pack of Anthisan stashed in our pockets. Like a lot of things at the moment, we should regain this knowledge before it becomes so alien that we cannot even fathom how or why we should.

So - take a look at this, find something you like and is relevant to your medicine or beauty cabinet and try it, then go any find a good herbalist book and try some more.


Because you are worth it.

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